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Its Official - SONY PS3 VS NINTENDO Wii

Posted by sonypsp at Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is shaping up to be the year of the video console... As Sony's new Playstation 3 battles the new Nintendo and last years hot seller, the latest X-box.

Which is your best bet... And which one can you even find this holiday season?

Sony's PS3 has created a frenzy, with people fighting over the few units that can be found.

The Playstation 3, with its amazing High Definition graphics, can be appreciated even by klutzy players like me.

Oh! Oh!

But an unusual thing has happened in recent days: Nintendo's less flashy Wii system is starting to generate more buzz!

"Everybody is asking about the Nintendo new Wii."

Jason Delaney, a manager of the Gamestop store at Rookwood Commons in Norwood, says more callers are now asking about Wii.

The reason: Nintedo has what could be the coolest controller in years.

"When I turn right it goes right. When I turn left...If I tilt up, it tilts up.

Instead of using your thumbs, you move the wireless controller like a steering wheel, a sword, or a bowling ball.

"You actually bowl? Yeah, the more you turn it the more you spin the ball.

Result: Game players like Dan Detzel

now want the underdog Wii.

"The PS3, the graphics, are the bomb. But the Wii, as as far as its controller, is more fun overall."

Its hard to find either one. But bottom line:

--For graphics, the High Def PS3 is the champ, hands down.
--But for the hands on experience, many reviewers prefer the Wii.
--And as for price: the Wii at $250 is half that of the $499 PS3.

And that's led to this USA Today headline saying "Wii has PS3 beat."

It may come down to which game console you can find for sale at a reasonable price.

But remember: If you can wait, you'll find more available at lower prices in January and February.

So Dont Waste your Money. I'm John Matarese.

Sony PS3 TV Video download service information

Posted by sonypsp at Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Underdog Wii is favored over Sony's PS3

Posted by sonypsp at Thursday, November 30, 2006
By USA Today

Since their debuts more than a week ago, two new game systems earn good grades from consumers - but the underdog Nintendo Wii is the early favorite over the pricier, sexier Sony PlayStation3.

Both sold out on Day 1: Nov. 17 for the $500-$600 PS3 and Nov. 19 for the $250 Wii. But Nintendo seems to be reaping the benefits of a better supply.

Sony is estimated to have shipped between 125,000 and 175,000 PS3s to stores, says American Technology Research analyst P.J. McNealy; the target had been about 400,000. Nintendo announced Monday it sold 600,000 Wiis in the first eight days.

Nintendo's launch "has been probably a little better than expected and Sony's has been a little bit more disappointing," McNealy says. "If you have to rank on who won this holiday so far, Microsoft is first, Nintendo a close second and Sony a distant third, which is a rare statement."

About 49 percent of online discussions were favorable to Wii, compared with 27 percent for PS3. Says the firm's Sam Huxley: "The hype machine went too far."

The Wii, says Bryan Clute, 26, of Silverdale, Wash., rates an A because the new remote-shaped wireless controller is "something I haven't been able to experience before. It really adds to gameplay" in the bowling game that is included with the system.

Assessments were harsher for the PS3. Ray McLean, 34, of Brooklyn, N.Y., rates the PS3 an A but gives the games a B "because many of the launch titles were pushed back to later dates." He wanted to see aerial combat game Warhawk, for one, because it would take full advantage of the motion-sensitive controller. But connected to his 42-inch HDTV, "I'm surprised at how good (the games) look."

On its Web site, Entertainment Weekly gave the Wii a B+ and PS3 a B. "The Wii slightly edges out the PS3 in our head-to-head because it has a blockbuster Zelda game at launch and a very attractive price point," Geoff Keighley says.

Inside Sony's PS3 return protocol

Posted by sonypsp at Saturday, November 25, 2006
For the lucky consumers who nabbed a brand new Playstation 3 at launch and have been busy playing beyond, congrats! For the customers who have experienced technical difficulty with their new system, we feel your pain.
Punch Jump reported on Tues. that it purchased a defective 20GB PS3 unit that incurred disc malfunction. Following a call to the Sony Computer Entertainment America Consumer Service line, we learned the steps that the company will take to service defective units.

For customers that require a unit replacement, Sony will overnight a box containing four items: A box, pre-paid UPS shipping label, a letter, and a visual aid.

After Sony receives the unit it will take 3-5 business days to process and ship the replacement unit to the customer. The customer service representative told us that it will not provide automatic shipment notification; however, if customers call the Sony hotline, they can provide them with the tracking number to follow the package. The replacement unit will require signature confirmation in order to be delivered.

If the defect is not due to a physical malfunction, the Sony representative may guide users toward holding onto their unit until a System Update can correct the problem.

While Sony did not offer shipment of a new unit prior to shipment of the defective unit, the replacement incurs no charge to the customer and the service representative was friendly and explanatory through the return process.

Punch Jump will have limited coverage on the final PS3 retail unit we receive a replacement. We apologize to readers in advance for the inconvenience.

Sony PS3 fails out of the box

Posted by sonypsp at Saturday, November 25, 2006
Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 failed out of the box when a brand new retail unit was delivered to Punch Jump. The PS3 was released to U.S. retail on Nov. 17.
The 20GB PS3, purchased at an online retailer, did not accept discs due to a malfunction in the self-loading disc drive.

A PS3 game disc and a DVD disc were unable to physically move into the drive, though the machine attempts to pull the disc in for several seconds.

The eject button and several reboot attempts failed to solve the disc drive malfunction.

Main system functions, including the XMB XrossMediaBar, wireless controller, HDMI connection, and USB ports worked properly on the unit.

The PS3 Safety and Support manual does not offer direct troubleshooting for users who have experienced disc drive malfunction. The closest solution in the manual is to perform a hard eject for discs that cannot be removed, which did not solve the issue.

The Sony Computer Entertainment America Consumer Service line's automated support only offered troubleshooting on disc recognition.

The unit package and system did not appear to be tampered with. The package seal was not broken nor was the warranty label.

A Sony customer service representative offered to replace the defective unit. The representative said most calls placed for the system have inquired about how to setup the unit or the system's limited availability.

The PS3 20GB and 60GB features a Blu-ray disc drive, which can read new high-definition format discs that can hold up to 50GB of information.

Sony cut the worldwide PS3 shipment forecast to 2 million units from 4 million, reportedly due to a delay in the blue laser diode for the Blu-ray disc drive.

Watch video of the disc drive malfunction

Has Sony failed to deliver on the PS3 promise?

Posted by sonypsp at Saturday, November 25, 2006
Has Sony failed to deliver on the PS3 promise of bringing out a games console which takes gaming to a whole new level of fun? A number of reviewers who have spent time with the console believe that Sony has indeed dropped the ball.

I've been watching the PS3 reviews hit the web and while most make it clear that Sony's PS3 is a technological marvel, they also show that perhaps the console just wasn't ready for prime time, despite the fact that the console's launch date had been delayed for months.

One review that I think sums up the problems is the one I read by Seth Schiesel of the New York Times. Schiesel spent some 30 hours playing some 30 different games so he's pretty familiar with the console. Given the price of the PS3 he should be impressed, but here's how he begins his article:

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