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Its Official - SONY PS3 VS NINTENDO Wii

Posted by sonypsp on Thursday, November 30, 2006 at Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is shaping up to be the year of the video console... As Sony's new Playstation 3 battles the new Nintendo and last years hot seller, the latest X-box.

Which is your best bet... And which one can you even find this holiday season?

Sony's PS3 has created a frenzy, with people fighting over the few units that can be found.

The Playstation 3, with its amazing High Definition graphics, can be appreciated even by klutzy players like me.

Oh! Oh!

But an unusual thing has happened in recent days: Nintendo's less flashy Wii system is starting to generate more buzz!

"Everybody is asking about the Nintendo new Wii."

Jason Delaney, a manager of the Gamestop store at Rookwood Commons in Norwood, says more callers are now asking about Wii.

The reason: Nintedo has what could be the coolest controller in years.

"When I turn right it goes right. When I turn left...If I tilt up, it tilts up.

Instead of using your thumbs, you move the wireless controller like a steering wheel, a sword, or a bowling ball.

"You actually bowl? Yeah, the more you turn it the more you spin the ball.

Result: Game players like Dan Detzel

now want the underdog Wii.

"The PS3, the graphics, are the bomb. But the Wii, as as far as its controller, is more fun overall."

Its hard to find either one. But bottom line:

--For graphics, the High Def PS3 is the champ, hands down.
--But for the hands on experience, many reviewers prefer the Wii.
--And as for price: the Wii at $250 is half that of the $499 PS3.

And that's led to this USA Today headline saying "Wii has PS3 beat."

It may come down to which game console you can find for sale at a reasonable price.

But remember: If you can wait, you'll find more available at lower prices in January and February.

So Dont Waste your Money. I'm John Matarese.

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